Novelty T-Shirts

Expires 30/11/2021 20:14:00
  • 1. A free Hussle T-Shirt when you make a qualifying purchase before 30th November. 2. To qualify, your purchase must be made on, be over £35 of real money and have been purchased with no other offer or discount (for example, purchases made with a 7 day free trial or other offers will not qualify). 3. If you make a qualifying purchase, your order confirmation email will contain a link to fill in your contact details and your T-Shirt style and size preferences. Please ensure that this form is filled in correctly as we cannot update details once they have been submitted. We can only send a T-Shirt if these details have been filled in. 4. You will not be eligible for a T-Shirt if you receive a partial or full credit or a refund for your your purchase. 5. T-Shirts will be dispatched in late December and through January. We will be unable to chase any missing deliveries before 19th December, so please wait until this date to tell us that your T-Shirt is missing. 6. One T-Shirt per customer. 7. This promotion is due to end on 30th November but we reserve the right to withdraw the promotion at any time. 8. No exchanges, returns or refunds of T-Shirt will be available.